Room           Undergraduate Thesis            Advisor: Kyna Leski
_The thesis project investigates perception, both as a tool that measures space and as a defect that limits scope while intriguing the imagination. When we see a representational doorframe rather than seeing an opening in a wall, for instance, we perceive a suggestive enclosure instead of imagining a continuous space. The dialogue fluctuates between reading a fixed symbol and experiencing an impulse.
_Descartes discussed vision as “an interception of information en route to perception, not the perception itself.” Similarly, Alberti indicated that “architectural drawing only gave an idea of dimensions of space, but not the sensation of it.” In both scenarios, the techniques of represented space fail to convey sensation on the page.
_The thesis aims to position the architect as a spectator, at the same time as an actor, who constantly revises reality through design using fragments of memory from empirical experience. The thesis is a self-investigating process in which the ideas of perception and imagination have been carried through different media, materials, and methodologies.

Excerpt from Portfolio: